7 Proven Chiropractic Strategies Using Social Media

“If only I knew how to get new chiropractic patients easier”.

This is one of the most common phrases I hear from chiropractors that I talk to..

Whether you’re a chiropractor or an agency specializing in chiropractor marketing, I’m sure you’ve had the same sentiment at least once in your career.

But, it turns out, that if you want to get more chiropractic patients, there’s one place to go:

Social media.

And in this blog post, I’m going to show 7 proven secrets to getting a steady flow of patients from social media sites.

But first…

Why turn to social media for Chiropractic marketing?

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to know how many Americans suffer from back pain.

Turns out that eighty percent of the entire American populationwill experience back pain at some point in their lives.

That’s a LOT.

And since 81% of the American population has a social media profile…

…you can bet that most Americans who have back pains are on social media.

I happened to find two in a quick Facebook search:

Facebook user looking for a chiropractor
facebook post of a user with back pain

There are more, but I don’t have any more room here.

The point is:

Your patients are waiting for you on social media.

If your patients are on social media, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be there as well.

Chiropractor marketing on social media is bringing in more leads per day than traditional marketing will ever do.

Now let’s get on with how exactly you can leverage social mediafor marketing your chiropractic practice:

Strategy #1: Facebook Ads

I’m sure I don’t have to introduce Facebook.

But not many chiropractors know the power of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are the sponsored posts that appear on your news feed:

chiropractor marketing facebook ad example

…or in the right column in a desktop:


Image Source

The folks at Upper Cervical Marketing interviewed 7 chiropractic marketing experts and found this out:

Majority of the marketing experts think that Facebook ads are the best chiropractic marketing strategy for generating new patients.

By using Facebook ads, online marketers can:

  • promote brand awareness to your target customers
  • drive traffic to your website
  • get more leads

And here’s the best part:

It’s also one of the cheapest chiropractor marketing tools out there.

Just look at WordStream’s graphic of the average cost per click in Facebook ads:

facebook ads benchmark

The most expensive industry is finance & insurance, but good news for you:

Healthcare’s average CPC is at $1.32- one of the lowest in the bunch.

This means that… you can get people to click on your ad for just $1.32.

Let’s compare that with Google AdWords average CPC:


As shown in Search (these are the ads that appear on Google’s results page), the Health and Medical industry has an average CPC of $2.62.

Facebook definitely has the upper hand when it comes to affordability.

Another thing that I love about Facebook ads is the ability to finetune your audience targeting.

You can manually target based on demographics, behavior, and interests:


So you can reach parents of children aged 0 to 3 or find those who recently got engaged.

You can even see who recently sold a car or find individuals in a certain salary bracket.

Here’s another way to target your ads to the right audience:

Grab your customers data and pop it into Facebook to create a custom or lookalike audience:


With these options, the possibilities are endless when it comes to targeting your audience.

If you want to learn more about Facebook audience targeting, check out The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Audiences and Targeting.

Strategy #2: Instagram

Ah, the most-loved app of millennials.

The home of food, travel, and fashion bloggers…but Instagram is so much more than that.

For one, its user engagement is insane:


Image Source

Okay. Let these numbers sink in.

When 120 million Instagrammers contact businesses on Instagram, you know it’s the place to be.

There are two types of content you can post on Instagram:

Photos and videos.

And did you know that people respond better to visual content?

Video content on Instagram gest MORE SHARES and LIKES than any other social media sites.

Instagram users are also known to be super engaged with businesses they like.

Take a look at this:

user comments on instagram post of chiropractor

With a single, FREE post, this chiropractic business got a total of 2 interested leads tagging their friends and one amazing testimonial.

See how huge this is?

Instagram is all about two things:

High-quality AND consistent posts.

So you not only need to use vibrant photos and engaging videos…

… but you also need to be super consistent with posting.

If you start posting twice a day, you should not post below this frequency because you will see a drop in post reach and engagement.

Learn more about Instagram marketing here: How to Use Instagram for Business: A Complete Guide for Marketers.

Strategy #3: Google Adwords

You may have noticed that when you search on Google, posts like these come up:

Google Adwords chiropractor marketing

These are advertisements made with Google Adwords.

Ads like these earn thousands because they’re highly effective in getting leads.

But many marketers have written Google Adwords off as a way to collect leads.

Not that it’s not effective though:

It’s because Google is now stricter when it comes to approving landing pages.

So how can you come up with a landing page that’s Google friendly?

There are two things you need to pay attention to:

  1. Google’s policies
  2. The landing page itself

Here are some things you need to avoid like the plague to keep Google happy with your landing page:

  • Making unsubstantiated claims. Ex: Lose 20 pounds in 10 days with our green coffee! Instead, you can turn it into a story: How a busy doctor lost 20 pounds in 10 days with our green coffee.
  • Making unsubstantiated claims on other pages of your site.You can be sure that Google will check.
  • Using redirects. The URL in your ad MUST NOT lead users to a different URL.
  • If your landing page has a video: Not displaying the play/pause controls and length of the video.

If you want a list of everything you need to do to make sure your landing page is Google-compliant, check this out.

But it really just boils down to this:

Don’t be spammy and deceptive.

Strategy #4: Facebook Live Video

In the digital marketing world, there’s this circulating advice:

Give your business a human side.

Facebook Live lets you do just that.

It lets you share videos to your social media followers in real time.

You can share behind-the-scenes of your chiropractor business, like a treatment session with a patient:

chiropractor Facebook live

Or you can hold a webinar and invite a top chiropractor – maybe even do a short interview with him/her.

You could tackle different topics to educate people about your field.

Maybe let them know about the benefits of seeking pain relief alternatives.

Try to come up with more chiropractic event ideas to liven things up.

Doing this has a lot of benefits for your business:

  • it establishes you as the approachable, go-to chiropractor in the area
  • addresses fears that your potential leads might have of going to a chiropractor
  • lets more people know more about you, your personality, and why you do what you do

Did I also say that doing FB Live is totally free?

Now that’s what I call a winning strategy.

Strategy #5: Facebook Groups

Facebook is not only good for generating leads…

…it is also great for networking.

The key to using Facebook groups is thinking of your audience and their relevant interest.

If you’re a chiropractor, your ideal audience must be interested in anything related to back pain.

So you have to look for back pain-related groups.

Here are some I found:

back pain-related Facebook groups

Look at all those numbers.

The first group even has over 20K members and gets more than 10 posts a day.

These are the types of groups that you want to join.

Now here’s what you need to do:

Join the groups and be helpful.

You’re a chiropractor so you know how to address their pain.

Post on the group’s wall or answer a member’s question – like this one:


And remember those chiropractic event ideas?

Once you’ve established yourself as a helpful member of the community, you can also promote your social events in these groups.

To get regular leads fromFacebook Groups, you need to:

  1. Make the RIGHT CONTENT.
  2. Be more VISIBLE.

What do I mean by RIGHT CONTENT?

Every post you share must add value to your Facebook group.

Meaningful content includes educational or inspirational stories.

You can also share occasional entertaining content.

One of my most favorite posts is the social proof post where you post a progress related to your business.

Maybe post a story of how you helped relieve the back pain of a patient.

You also have to be consistently VISIBLE.

Be consistent so that the members won’t forget you.

Consistently add value to the group, and soon you’ll have a group of people ready to do business with you.

Strategy #6: YouTube

I think everyone- even my grandma – has heard of YouTube.

It’s just THAT big:


This mammoth of a social media site is completely FREE to use, so there’s really no reason to be there.

And here’s the thing:

Less than 10 percent of small businesses in the United States use it.

So if there are only a few small businesses in the US using it…

…there’s a huge chance that only a few chiropractors are using it.

Do you see where I’m going?

In fact, when I searched for chiropractor YouTube channels, I only got 230 results:

chiropractor channels on Youtube

And only a few of these had a real following.

What makes YouTube marketing so attractive?

The first reason is videos on this website are search-engine friendly.

Aside from ranking well in Google’s video search, they also show up in YouTube’s very own search engine.

Why is that a great thing?

Well, Google is the most used search engine and YouTube comes second.

This simply means that if your goal is to have people see your content, posting it on YouTube gives you an edge over competitors.

Let’s now go to the last chiropractor marketing strategy on this list…

Strategy #7: Email Marketing

This is a favorite among most online marketers.

And for good reason.

Fifty-six percent of businesses think that email is the best tool to retain their patients, with social media being second.

In essence:

You collect emails from patients and leads, send them strategic emails, and hopefully develop enough trust to book an appointment with them.

5 steps of email marketing

Image Source

Let’s deal with the first step which is collecting emails.

How do you get strangers to give their email addresses to you?

Do you remember how your mom told you not to accept candies and other treats from strangers?

This is based on the assumption that if a stranger gives you a treat, you’d give them something in return.

That’s exactly how you can collect emails from leads:

Give them something irresistible.

Like a free eBook on how to ease and prevent lower back pain.

Or a coupon code, gift certificate, or an exclusive discount.

These are called “lead magnet”.

Here’s one example I found:

lead magnet example 25% off

Dangle the carrot in front of the rabbit and it’ll hop.

Now It’s Time to Get Those Leads

There we have it: seven ideas on how to get new chiropractic patients on social media.

I hope you learned something new.

Now I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Which one or two of these chiropractor marketing strategies would you like to try your luck with?

Or maybe you have a question about the strategies I discussed.

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

Want To Grow Your Practice?

Hey I'm Danny Veiga. I'm determined to make your practice grow. My only question is, will it be yours?


While marketing for the last 14 years, Danny has been strictly focusing on local businesses because of his passion of helping the community.

After suffering from multiple car accidents, a car being flipped over and martial arts for many years... he's been able to see the power of Chiropractic work first hand.

Throughout the last 5 years, he's been utilizing different strategies and techniques to help Chiropractors grow their practice.

Danny is also part of the Forbes Council for Agencies, 2 Time "7 Figure Agency" Award Winner, a Facebook Marketing Influencer to over 60,000 members and has also trained over 3,000 business owners and digital marketing agencies on the power of Facebook Advertising.

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Want To Grow Your Practice?

Hey I'm Danny Veiga. I'm determined to make your practice grow. My only question is, will it be yours?

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